Photo of Southern Pool in The Void area of Silverdale Country Park

Silverdale Angling Society have leased the fishing rights for many years on the Furnace Pool. In 2012 Silverdale Angling Society also took on the lease for the fishing rights for Southern Pool on Silverdale Country Park. Since that time the Angling society have installed over 10 fishing pegs and a new stone access path to progress the fishing on Southern Pool.

As a result Southern Pool offers a great fishing experience in the heart of The Void area of the country park enjoying the views and wildlife alongside other visitors using the Country Park. Furnace Pool however is fenced off for fishing only offering a different fishing experience.

If you are interested in fishing either Southern Pool or Furnace Pool tickets are available from the Pet Parade shop in Silverdale or contact Phil Cooper on 07759 822061.

Photo of Furnace Pool in Silverdale Country Park