A Park for the Community.

By becoming a volunteer you will learn new skills, make new friends, conserve and protect wildlife, become more active, more involved in your local community and have fun!

We currently run a volunteer work party every week on a Thursday morning from 10am until 12:45pm. If you would like to find out more about being a volunteer or join our regular volunteer group,  please contact the Ranger by email at: Andrew.hunt@groundwork.org.uk.

Penny's story...

"I joined the volunteers at Silverdale Country Park last autumn after going on a guided tour with the Ranger, Andrew Hunt. It has been a really good experience and I look forward to joining up with the other volunteers each week.

We have a lot of fun but Andrew plans the sessions very well and we get a lot of tasks completed. He provides good quality tools and training and has enabled us to do lots of different conservation activities.
 Since I joined the group we have planted lots of trees and hedges, cut down lots of other trees (thinning the established woodland), transplanted willows and reedmace, cleared drainage ditches, waded through freezing water to site the floating rafts, put up fences and started to do plant surveys.
 Volunteering here is friendly, fun, good exercise and very satisfying!"

Louise's story...

"Being a volunteer at Siverdale Country Park , as I have for nearly a year, is always fun. I look forward every week to being with the group. We are lead by the Ranger Andy Hunt who is perfect for the job he does. He always makes our "work" interesting and ensures that we do something different most weeks.

Being at the park doing this sort of volunteer work is something I have always wanted to do.It is exactly as I had imagined!! So far I have helped to make and place benches, erected fencing, erected signage, cleared ditches, thinned out woodland by pruning and felling small trees, planted saplings and seeds, dry hedgeing and helped to keep the park clear of litter.

As a volunteer I am always learning and it enables me to give to the community. I have made friends and we work well as a team. The other benefits are lots of fresh air, sometimes very fresh -6C ! Lots of exercise ! Watching the Park change through the seasons and benefitting from all the work we do. Perfect!!


The park already has established links with the local primary schools providing guided walks and nature tours for the students. There are many other local groups who regularly use the park, details can be found on the 'links/contact' page.